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fog laws

Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: fog laws                                                               
bill sez:                                                                       
> Dont know when the laws were changed.  Probably came after the change         
> which allowed us to move from "sealed beams" to headlights with               
> replacement bulbs.                                                            

the first american car with flush headlamps was, i believe,                     
the 84 mustang SVO (4 cyl turbo).                                               
this was also probably the first DOT-approved "replaceable bulb" headlamp.      
the audi 4K(q) from 85-on had flush/replaceables.                               
i don't know how or why laws changed between 87 and 90...