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S4 Steering Unplugged!!!

Just a little note to any S4 owners who think the steering is a little on the
light side.  If you want more feel and a better sense of control - unplug the
electrical steering assist plug on the power steering pump.  I did it
recently and its amazing how much better the car feels. What your left with
is only the hydraulic assist which is plenty of assist to do the parallel
parking thing with and it feels perfect IMHO on the road.  I have checked
with a few mechanics and they said there is no harm in doing this - I guess
the only problem I could envision is if your hydraulics go out - then it may
be a little difficult to turn the wheel.  Has anyone else tried this?  If so,
let me know what you think?  I am new to the list this week - so if this is
old news to the Q list - sorry for wasting anyones time.  This may very well
work on any of the newer cars that have both electrical and hydraulic
steering assist but I have no experience with any other models.
                                                94 S4 &  90 Coupe Q