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Pagid Pads, where to buy them?

Here is a repost of one of my September notes:

Nicholas Pinto wrote:
> I was told that I could get PaGid pads at a good price from Anderson.
> Does anyone have their #???????

Anderson Bros Specialties
7700 Quattro Drive
Chanhassen, MN
(612) 937 8639

I have been using the Pagid Yellow (street/race) pads
on the 83 urQ, and oh boy do I love them!

They have now lasted for several thousand street miles,
as well as 2 days at Watkins Glen, 2 days at Lime Rock, and 1 day at NHIS, 
and they look as thick as new. They really, really stop too!

What they are not, are cheap ($185/ front set). On the other 
hand, I saw some people go through a set of Metalmasters EACH DAY
of Watkins Glen, and I'm told that the Pagids are
much easier on the rotors too.

Keith Anderson is great. Yes, he is from Minnesota, but don't
hold that against him. When I came back from the Glen, I decided that
I needed a new suspension, quick! Keith organized his vendors, 
and had each component drop shipped to save time.

When UPS lost an overnight package (believe it or not), Keith scrambled
to put together another box of bump stops, strut top bearings, etc. etc.
and overnight it to me, to ensure that I had everything in time.
(UPS eventually found the first box).

My mechanic calls Keith from time to time, and he always gets the 
straight scoop. Once, at 5pm on a Friday, my mechanic called Anderson Bros
looking for an emergency front sway bar attachment for my urQ. Since it was
only 4pm in MN, Keith found one, and asked the UPS guy to wait as he packaged
it up for overnight delivery. Only after that did he worry about
how he was going to get paid for it.

I'd say get the Pagids.

Glenn Lawton