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Re: Sabelt Harness

Most of the Formula One teams use Sabelts as does the BTCC Audi A4 that
Frank Biela rides in. But according to Schroth they are illegal for the
street. I got a set of Schroth Ralley 3 that needs to be installed in my
car. I got em for $125 and some change. They mount to existing seatbelt
mounting points, so a rollbar isn't neccessary. My friend who has an M3
that he autocrosses loves them. So I got my self a set. They certainly
look cool. But those boys keep you glued to the seat like a champ! And you
can still use your existing seatbelts if you don't want to bother with it.
. .but you'll get attatched to them. 
If you really want a Sabelt, just get the Schroths and get Sabelt shoulder
pads that would cover up the Schroth logo. Kind of cheating but if it's
the look you want. 

Take care

Seung Lee
93 100S
Lanham, Md

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS wrote:

> To all,
> Just wonderin if anyone here has them? what is your experience. I 
> figured I should just go out and buy the best. Besides they look way 
> too cool in the car.
> Angelo A
> 83 ur q
> 86 coupe gt