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Audi 80 intermittent speedo

Hi all,

No, this has nothing to do with swimming. As previously mentioned on this
list, 86on Audi 80s have electronic speedometers.
When I drove off from a visit to my parents yesterday, I noticed my speedo
was indicating 0, although I *was* moving rather rapidly. A sharp tap on
the instument panel restored the reading immediately, but during the ride
home it veered from 0 to the actual speed a couple of times. I've
experienced this with my temp gauge some time ago, and the dealer fixed
this under warranty. This morning my speedo behaved impeccably. The other
instruments never had any trouble.

What's the verdict on this? I know it's been experienced before, but was it
mostly a loose connector or a broken PC board connection (Audi Gods forbid)
I knew this trouble-free motoring would come to an end sometime...

TIA for your help!

1988 80 1.8S

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