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... I was gone for a while ...

Greetings q-listers!

Apologies for the minimal amount of quattro content, but I just wanted to 
let you know that I was away from the list for the last week or so, due to 
the arrival of our daughter a couple weeks ahead of schedule.  I wanted to 
post this quick note just in case anyone had asked me for something and was 
wondering why I hadn't replied ... I will go through my mail, but it might 
not be a bad idea to send me a copy of the request, my mail file is some-
thing like 6MB so it may take a while to sort it all out ...

For those of you who may be interested, Natalie Jean Buchholz arrived 25 
October, and is doing well.  Unfortunately I failed in my first fatherly 
duty by not swapping the Fuchs wheels to the Avant for the ride home, so 
she missed out on that :-)  Since I had been talking to her about having 
to do the tranny swap while she was in-utero, I am taking the fact that 
she arrived early as a sign that we now have another quattro fan in the 

I did end up getting to do another blower motor swap while I was out, and
I managed to get it done without the stek knife this time.  I think I'll 
try to use others as guinea pigs on some of these procedures before doing 
my own car :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)