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Re: Harness Addendum Report

In a message dated 96-11-03 17:59:08 EST, you write:

<< I have a set of the Schroth Rallye 4 harness and I think they are great
 except for one thing.  If you are tall enough so that your shoulder line
 is above the seat back the harness amy be a bit uncomfortable.  When
 tightened the belts are pushing down on your shoulders rather than pushing
 your chest against the seat.  Keep this in mind.  Schroth has a website at 
....  And just took a ride there....  Seems Schroth now has the
"professional" line that IS FISA approved, no listing as to SCCA, but would
think so....  An interesting tidbit describing the definition of
"submarining", not so sure about the propygandy regarding the "anti" feature
they have developed....  They also refer to the "painful" crotch strap....
 Not in agreement on that at all, it needs more attention to be correctly
adjusted for the driver to prevent singing suprano, but "painful" is pretty
strong verbage....  The webbing they show supposedly stretches some to align
the pelvis to the belt without the "sub" being necessary....  That would
depend on the application, but an audi has a high propensity to sub the
driver becuz of seating position...  The more reclined you are, the more
chance you have of subbing, not a good thing....