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Re: synthetic oils

    Well, when I first bought my car, the first thing my mechanic told me to do
was to switch to a synthetic motor oil.  This is a very good idea.  I first tri
ed Mobil 1, but I thought it was really thick (overkill IMHO unless you are on
the track a lot), but seemed to work fine.  I also used Fram oil filters at fir
st, and I do NOT reccomend this.  Then, I learned, and I went with the Castrol
Syntec 5W50 motor oil and the OEM (Mahle) oil filter, and have had zero lifter
noise in my 5ktq since and it works great.  I've been using this combo ever sin
ce and I highly reccomend it.  BTW, I actually like the Castrol Syntec better t
han the Mobil 1 for everyday use.  It is the best of both worlds.  Superior pro
tection of a synthetic, yet light enough for a quick lube under startup in the
morning.  Now, if you race your car a lot, then I'd reccomend the Mobil 1.