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Re: A4 1.8T testdrive

 Dan writes:

> On Oct 30,  9:22pm, Ti Kan wrote:
> > Perhaps the smooth and quiet of the 2.8 V6 deceived you into
> > thinking that it was slow, or perhaps the added noise of the
> > 1.8T made it seem faster...
> Exactly what I was thinking.  It's really amazing, how various
> sensory inputs contribute to the experience of speed.  I raced
> on a 40' sailboat for some pretty hairy races.  They'd be incredible
> noises, water breaking over the rail, etc.  Felt like we were
> flying, when in truth max speed was probably about 9 knots.
> Hop into a 40' powerboat and do 9 knots... it feels
> unbearably slow.
 Try it in a 19' Flying Dutchman dinghy - it's like doing 50mph 
 in an Austin Healey with a rusted through floor pan :-)

 Removing soundproofing from a car used to be an easy "performance"
 upgrade for shops in Australia. Customer brings quiet car in for
 unspecified performance enhancements, drives away in noisier, 
 must-be-faster car. Shop owner smilingly pockets cash.

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