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My Urq has been found

Hi All

Thanks _VERY_ much to all who sent me messages of sypathy regarding the
loss of my Urq.  They where apreciated.  I even managed a smile at the
humour in some of them.

However there is not a happy ending.  The Police have rung me to say they
have found my car, burnt out about 40 miles away.  I don't know any other
details yet and I havn't been told where it has been taken or other than
that they had to trace it via its chassis number anything else.  I have
been told to assume the car is a write off.  I will get to see it as soon
as it is taken to a salvage yard.

I will update you all as soon as I know more.  In the meantime, again
thanks for your support.

                                Ian Gregory

'88 90q      (Mine)                             Tel   : (UK) 115 913 5106
'84 Urq      (Murdered!)                        Fax   : (UK) 115 913 5129
'85 BL Metro (Hers)                             Email : quattro@innotts.co.uk

                a quattro is for Life, not just for Christmas!