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Re: '85 ur-q Cold Start Problem

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> Does this sound like the warm up regulator? regards, Mike 

It sounds *exactly* like the warm up regulator.  But I thought a sensor and
the ECU handled that function in cars newer than 82/83 or so?  Well, anyway,
if you do have one, (it's that thing on the side of the engine block that
two fuel lines go to) I would be almost certain that's the problem.  

The warm up regulator is block temperature sensitive and uses gasoline as a
hydraulic fluid to adjust the fuel pressure to the injectors.  So all it
does is enrich the mixture - a lot - when the engine is cold.  It's function
can be tested with a set of fuel pressure gauges - wish I could remember the
specs, but you install the gauge set up into the engine and measure the
regulator's output from cold  through warm.  I think it's supposed to drop
from about 50 psi to about 12 or so (memory glands weak).  

Anyway, your symptoms are exactly what I have experienced twice with bad WU
reg's.  They're expensive, but used ones work.  I even ran a Volvo one my
neighbor gave me once.  Worked fine!  same Bosch casting, but it was "upside
down".  They're easy to change. - two banjo bolts, one electrical connector
and two vacuum lines of different sizes.  Check all your vacuum lines for
quality while you're at it.

Hope I helped.

Huw Powell

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