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Re: A4Q Questions

At 09:46 PM 11/3/96 -0500, RSFoster@aol.com wrote:
>Hello all,
>I've had my '97 A4Q for a whole week now--what a great car!  I tried it on a
>gravel road yesterday and could not believe its acceleration despite the
>loose surface.
>A few questions:
>1. Are Bentley manuals available yet for the A4?
>2. Has anyone installed a CD changer themselves?  If so, what unit?
>3. Has anyone installed a telephone themselves?  I understand the car is
>wired for a Motorola unit.  Even at dealer cost, the option was 'way too

I have finally found the time to complete the swap of my Motorola DPC-550
and 3watt booster kit from the Exploder to the A4Q.  It is inded pre-wired
for Motorola phones, but there are some "gotchas"...

The connector in the trunk is designed to not work with the standard 3 watt
booster transceiver.  This is accomplished by having a connector that covers
over the antenna connector.  Easily overcome by cutting off the offending
extension, while leaving the wires intact.

I can't get the stereo automute to work.  Not a biggie, just turn it down or
off when the phone is being used.

The sound quality of the built-in microphone is much better than that of the
original microphone shipped with the 3-watt boster kit.  The general
quietness of the car probably contributes to this.

If you need more specific help, let me know...

In terms of a CD Changer, at last check (couple of months ago), your only
choice was the Audi OEM unit (from Alpine).  The recommendation is to buy it
from Clair Audi in Boston.  Dan Masi, a member of this list, provided me
with some good tips on installing the CD changer.  Sounded easy to do,
although I've not yet done it...  There was a company, PIE, working on an
aftermarket adapter that would let you use an Alpine unit, but I've not
heard about its availability.  Anyway, by the time you finish with the
adaptor and unit, it's just as cheap to buy the Audi unit...