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RE: '85 urq cold starting

Last winter my car suffered similar problems. I live up here in Winnipeg
Canada, where we are known to be the coldest major city on the planet. A
typical winter day at -40 Celsius + wind, therefore the car must be
running optimally to start. I had changed every possibility, new fuel
injectors, spark plugs etc... After a couple weeks of starting problems,
my mechanic and I sat down and thought it through. Found the distributor
to be shorting out. Sometimes the car started fine, other times it
didnt. This year its starting fine, so far we've had temp's down to
-15C. Check the distributor (and the coil to make sure those little
spark plugs are getting enough juice).

PS. I've been told not to use Bosch Platinum plugs, but I find them to
work the best. Other alternatives are the rest of the Bosch types, and
NGK. Buying Champions and AC Delcos are a waste of money(they'll give
you trouble on a cold day!!!)

Raj AUDIocee