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Re: Lowering A4

On Nov 5,  9:36am, Peter Henriksen wrote:
> Subject: RE: Lowering A4
> A huge corporate discount. All the VWs come with Eagles too as
> far as I know.

> >Okay, that's the general consensus - that the tires suck real bad.
 > > [...] So why would Audi put such bad tires on such a great car?

Now, wait a sec.  I think the general concensus is that Eagle
GAs suck real bad.  But A4Q's don't come with GAs.  They come
with RS-As (for the most part).  They're decent... nothing
spectacular, but as far as all-seasons go, they don't really

Eagle GAs are probably the single most common original equipment
tire out there.  A huge corporate discount is a big part of
the story, but not all.  The GAs are designed to accomplish
two things only: first, ultra-low rolling resistance (hence
better EPA numbers), and second, ultra-low noise.  At these,
the tire excels.  At everything else a tire does, they suck.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q