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Re: foggin it up

"Meron" <phwomp@cosmoslink.net> wrote:

>You are absolutely correct, snow does accumulate on the headlights
>and people DO NOT CLEAN it, you will be amazed to see people
>driving around with a large piles of snow on the car, truck roof and
>when they brake it all goes on the windshield and they can see s$%^.

<pet peeve mode> I hate this! Freaking idiots think that they can scrape a
small hole in the ice on their windshield and go off on their merry way...

The other thing I hate is cars *designed* to catch snow in front of the
headlamps...older Camaros, Integras, many small American cars, etc....all
have their headlamps recessed into bodywork that acts as a perfect snow
*scoop*. Then of course nobody ever cleans them...

</pet peeve mode>

I put Euro lamps with wipers/washers on my Volvo...it's amazing how much
difference in lighting you get after a quick swipe with the wipers...in
fact downright scary. Driving along, you simply don't realize that you're
gradually losing your lighting.

The Land Rover that replaced my Volvo has a high pressure spray...wish my
Audi had come with this package. I've thought about adding it, but I'd want
to do the Euro lamps *first*...

1990 Audi 200 75K
1995 Range Rover County LWB 42K