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Re: Uniden radar detectors

I found the Uniden LRD2200SE at the Wholesale Connection 
(1-800-226-2800 -- also on the web-don't have the address handy) for 
$80.  I was buying two, asked for free S&H (runs about $10-15$) and 
was given $10 off the total instead (by "Chip").

As best I can determine, the SE is the same as the SW reviewed in C&D 
in late '95 (a review of cheap detectors).  The SWS added the safety 
warning and 360 degree laser detection.  The 6199/6299/6399 appear to 
be the same as the LRD220SWS but all the phone rep. at Uniden could do 
was read me the same info as was on the web page.  All of these 
detectors sell for $80-$90 at the aforementioned dealer.

Anyone have any other info on these detectors?

Ken Creel
'90 90q20V