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Re: Uniden radar detectors

Here's some data points.  I have the Uniden that was reviewed in Car &
Driver.  It false alarms to much and drives me crazy.  Interestingly, I
sometimes use my 10 yr old classic Escort side by side with the Uniden.  The
Escort is a bit more sensitive yet doesn't false as much.  It's ashame that
the Escort doesn't cover Ka and Laser.  Oh well.

At 11:43 AM 11/6/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I found the Uniden LRD2200SE at the Wholesale Connection 
>(1-800-226-2800 -- also on the web-don't have the address handy) for 
>$80.  I was buying two, asked for free S&H (runs about $10-15$) and 
>was given $10 off the total instead (by "Chip").
>As best I can determine, the SE is the same as the SW reviewed in C&D 
>in late '95 (a review of cheap detectors).  The SWS added the safety 
>warning and 360 degree laser detection.  The 6199/6299/6399 appear to 
>be the same as the LRD220SWS but all the phone rep. at Uniden could do 
>was read me the same info as was on the web page.  All of these 
>detectors sell for $80-$90 at the aforementioned dealer.
>Anyone have any other info on these detectors?
>Ken Creel
>'90 90q20V