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RE: Drum Roll, Please...

"Duff, Ian" <iduff@charter.com> inquired:

> Congratulations, Doctor Al! Doctor in what? Will you still talk to us?
> Please?

Brace yourself....the question is, after I reveal this, will any of 
YOU ever talk to ME again....  Ph.D. in "Educational Human Resource 
Development".  OOOOooooo, right?  Let's say it's adult education with 
a heavy dose of satellites, video and stuff like the Web thrown in, and 
let it go at that.

The important part is:  I've been working on this thing for 10.5 
years, and it's DONE!  DONE, I TELL YOU!! WOO HOO HOO 

Sorry, I forgot myself.........gotta maintain control.......

Where's my beer, eh?

Al Powell                        Voice:  409/845-2807
107 Reed McDonald Bldg.          Fax:    409/862-1202
College Station, TX 77843      

"Some people can tell what time it is by looking at the
sun...but I have never been able to see the numbers."
             [From 5th/6th grade essays....]