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just bought 4k cs


My name is Andrew and I live in California on the central coast.
I am interested in some third party body/parts catalogs, and even
repair manuals OE of course. Could someone forward some information 

Is it common for Audi's to have 150,000 miles and still have
150 psi per cylinder?  This thing run's like a champ, I just 
found some minor vaccuum leak's.  

On the bad side, there has been some clicking noise comming from 
the clutch pedal area, this is while it is released, but when 
the pedal is depressed slightly the noise disappears.  It doesn't 
sound like a throw out bearing but....? sounds like some sort of 
air leak.



gee: Getting pull and push through corners is a POSITIVE feeling!
     what line do I want through this corner?