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Re: HELP!! Prospective Audi Owner..

Josh, Al Powell posted your question:

>anyway, it is an '85 audi 5000, and the latest problem is that the oil
>light has come on and won't go off.  it has plenty of oil in it.  

>  i'll need to know
>everything down to what tools i will need (probably i will be flying to
>huntsville to get it, need to pack lightly on tools or send some tools with
>someone going that way), wrench sizes, parts i might need, quick fixes for
>roadside ailments, etc.  i hear the entire rest of the car is sound.  i
>know, it could be a sending unit gone bad, or it could be a bad oil pump. 
>i just need to know where to start.  guess i oughtta get a shop manual too. 

1. I have not heard about an Audi oil pump going bad. If it's the case, though, I 
would not try to replace it in the field. I removed it on my '85 5000s once, while 
replacing the cam belt,out of curiousity. It was a rather involved project.

2. I have replaced many oil pressure sensors, they routinely go bad. There are two 
of them in an '85 5000 on the LH side of the block:
a) the brown one, normally closed, opens @ 0.3bar (monitors the idle pressure).
BTW, Bentley shows it as a normally open sensor - WRONG!
b) the white one, normally open, closes @ 1.8bar AND 3000rpm signal from the hall 
sensor (monitors the hi rpm operation).

I'd also check the pressure with an external gauge. The sensor thread is
10mm x 1mm, cylindrical. I routinely substituted it with a 1/8" NPT-27, which is 
conical and therefore regardless of a slight aggregated thread discrepancy is 
still able to jam in the 10mm x 1mm threaded bore.

I wote for a bad brown sensor - from what you describing.

Good luck.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - current
'85 5000s - an ex, "the EE's nightmare"