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Gatherings & geography

My apologies to all geographically-challenged mid-westerners, but St.
Louis is not the center of the universe... or the United States.  

Using the following four "corners": Seattle, San Diego, Boston, and
Tampa,  I have found that the most "equidistant" city of any substance
would be Lincoln, Nebraska.  The mileage from each of the four "corners"
Seattle - 1659, San Diego - 1555, Boston - 1521, and Tampa - 1452.
(I used Tampa and Boston as kind of an "average" of those two corners of
the country, flame away!)

I realize much of the discussion of such an event has already focused on
finding a track to run on.  Just throwing out this info for
I quite often have to remind certain midwesterners of the Minnesota
persuasion that nearly a full THIRD of the US lies beyond their
definition of "out west" (Rapid City, SD).

As for equidistance and having realistic expectations, Omaha might be a
better choice than Lincoln.  All of this is moot from my perspective
since all the locales discussed so far are within an easy half-day drive
of my current residence.  I really hope this idea materializes into an
acutal event.  I think it sounds great.  I haven't yet been to St. Louis
and I can't think of a better reason to go there.  Just wanted to provide
a reality check.

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