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Re: a4 auto climate control

At 11:00 AM 11/12/96 -0500, Dan Masi wrote:
>On Nov 11,  5:31pm, David Robbins wrote:
>> Subject: Re: a4 auto climate control
>> At 02:38 PM 11/11/96 -0500, pk001c@uhura.cc.rochester.edu wrote:
>> >
>> >Hi, 
>> >I had a question about the climate control on my 97 a4.  What does the snow
>> >flake mean, that the compressor is working?  If I leave it in auto it is on
>> >soemtimes off at others, soemtimes it wont go on even if I push it , and
>> It sounds to me like you have a problem.  When you hit auto, the snowflake
>> should default to on (don't ask me why).  This means the compressor (A/C) is
>> active. 
>No, no problem.  The compressor won't come on when it's too cold.
>That's all.

So, conversely, is it I that have the problem since mine still does and it's
30 degrees outside?