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Re: UrQ Overboost

In a message dated 96-11-12 12:26:27 EST, afinney@tamsconsultants.com writes:

>One more bit of info to aid in the diagnosis. I just replaced
>the plugs with Bosch Platinums (WR7DP). I don't think the
>problem ever occured before the swap. I know this is a higher
>heat range but the plugs that came out were WR7DC's. I
>remember seeing a note or two about platinums for turbos.
>Did I do a bad thing? 

Possibly, my bet is to go back to a 5 heat range and retest. You may be
losing boost due to a plug with a too hot heat range.

Chris Semple
'87 4000q
   '84 4000q
       '83 TQC
           '83 TQC