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North American HELLA

>Hi all!
>Persistence pays off! I harrassed the Dutch Hella importer a couple of
>times into sending me a trade catalogue, and to my surprise yesterday I
>found a hefty package in my mailbox containing a consumer catalogue and a
>trade catalogue. Great! The trade catalogue contains 16 pages of OEM lights
>for Audis, info on wiper relays, brake light/oil pressure/reversing light
>switches, wiper blades, fuel caps, screen washer pumps, flasher relays...
>most articles have a photograph and all relevant ordering info. Some
>curious omissions (no UrQ stuff, for instance) but if your car needs Euro
>lights I've got the Hella numbers! (I'm sorry, no pricing, but Hella stuff
>is usually cheaper than buying the same stuff from Audi). Lots of VW stuff
>too, some dating back to the 'sixties!
>Soooo.... if anyone has a local Hella source, mail me with your wants and
>I'll try and find the #s.
>1988 80 1.8S

There is a local North American Hella branch in Atlanta, Georgia.
They sell to OEMs, do "aero" lamps for many local manufacturers
mostly transplants.

I have the phone number at home. However, for those in a hurry,
you could call directory assistance.....

Want to try for a group discount for euro lamps. We may hit the
problem of not exactly meeting DOT. ???