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Re: Calendar Wrap-up

> I am assuming that all the calendars which were ordered have arrived by now.
> I hope everyone is satisfied.  

Yes, and YES!
> The original price estimate upon which the initial $25 cost was based was,
> apparently, a bit high.  A more appropriate price would have been about $22
> instead of $25.  After the calendars have been paid for (via wire directly
> to Audi's bank yesterday) and my (strictly non-profit) expenses have been
> covered, there is $137.01 remaining in the fund.  This works out to $3.11
> per calendar, for a net cost of $21.89 each.

Full financial disclosure ... what a concept! ... :-)
> My original intent was that any remaining funds would be sent to Dan to help
> him with his rebuild project, but I want your confirmation or objections
> before I send Dan a check.
> Anyone desiring a refund, please contact me within the next week and I'll
> fire a $3 check off to you.  If I don't hear from from you before November
> 21, I'll send Dan a check for all unrefunded funds remaining.
... I've already let you know my intentions on the refund, but you should 
make sure that ALL of your costs have been covered before you write out the 
check to Dan.  This would include any phone costs for calls to Germany and 
such.  I would also vote that you be allowed to spend some of the overage 
on a congratulatory dinner (or equivalent).  

Thanks again Bob!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)