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re: Slow motion Audi

Randy Bindrup <bindy@azstarnet.com> wrote:

>I have a '87 5kcstq with 139k miles. I have a problem when trying to
>accelerate under any load condidtion. It will start bucking and coughing
>like it is starving for fuel. It idles smoothly and runs fine under
>*light* acceleration. The in-dash boost gauge still shows 1.3 bar @ full
>throttle (same as always). Here is what I have done so far...replaced
>the fuel pump (was extremely noisy and recommended to be replaced by the
>dealer), replaced the fuel and air filters, ignition tune-up (new wires,
>plugs, cap, rotor), checked all hoses for leaks (IC too) and did vacuum
>test. Checked the idle-WOT switch. Pulled the cat and drove car checking
>for exhaust restriction (raw turbo exhaust! wow, cool sound!). Nothing
>has changed the condition. Could the fuel distrib have problems...the
>air flow sensor plate seems to have no restriction in it's motion. What
>else can I check for?

I don't have a turbo but my car felt like it was running on three cylinders
after the clutch was changed. The mechanic claimed it was due to a
multifunction switch controlled by coolant temperature. The coolant had leaked
through the switch shorting out the contacts on the other side of the switch.

Michael Moy
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