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ordering a 1.8t update

ordering a 1.8T continued... 

With my job situation I am currently floating between Indy, Chicago, and
Detroit, with most of my time currently in Indy.  The Indy dealer is the
dealer I am using to get a test drive and haven't really been aggressive in
price negotiations. That will come later.  On my last visit I said let's
start talking price.  "you know these cars won't be discounted much.." and
his price was $27,700, which is 10% over invoice (1.8T quattro manual,
sports pkg, all weather, sunroof, metallic). I didn't laugh out loud, but
just said ok, you realize I will be shopping around in Chicago over the

I went to Audi Exchange, in Highland Park, Chicago,  on Saturday, and just
came in real hard, said I knew what I wanted, just add up your invoice
cost, add 5% over that.  We sat down and I astounded him with my knowledge,
mentioned www.kbb.com, and the quattro list were my sources.  And he has no
problem with 5% over invoice ($26,523, about $1250 over invoice). But he
also mentioned $100 dealer prep charge on top of that. He also had this
list of tuning options from Total Audi Performance, $1750 for 240hp car is
what he quoted, there was even one over 400hp that he said one of his
customers was going to do.  He also mentioned that he is looking into what
he can do and still provide warranty coverage.  I was kinda of in a hurry,
so I am going to call Dave back to get details on the TAP modifications and
what the charges are. 

Also from both dealers it is clear that they cannot actually order the
manuals until around December.  That is when they get their allocation of
cars and they can order what they want.  Anybody in the Chicago area know
and good dealers that will work with me?  Dave Semersky, at the Audi
Exchange is who I spoke with, seemed reasonable enough, and I was delighted
that he was looking into TAP options for his customers, especially
addressing the warranty concerns.  That's

Ricardo David
'87 5ks (5-speed) 
'88 BMW K75s