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Qs: CPU chips and aftermarket radios for 90 V8 Q

Please email me a copy of your answers...thanks ahead of time.

So, now that I've become an Audi fan...and am a performance nut...I find on a 
couple of the Audi web sites companies that sell EFI CPU upgrades...do any of 
them work?

Also the car has a nice Bose stereo but is from '90 and has no CD changer.  
I've gone to a couple of stereo places and they're aren't much help unless I 
want to replece the whole head unit.  They couldn't tell me about the existing 
OEM speaker amplifier setup either.  

Can anyone help me figure out the Bose system design in this car and thereby 
give me hints as to how I can add a CD changer?  I in fact like the existing 
radio (it communicates with the dash, etc.) so I would like to add to it.  I 
would rather not use the CD systems that use RF to connect to the radio.