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Well, the problem with my 5ksT is definately not my transmission(I hope?) It
doesn't feel like slippage at all. The problem went away, but the loss of power
when cold and restarted hot is till there. I had the same problem with my 5ks
and am totally baffled by what it could be. Is it possible that I may have an
ignition condition? I did the diagnostics on the thing and no trouble codes are
showing up. What happens exactly is: when cold,the engine will pull, then die.
Now, it feels like the engine completely cuts off. That's dangerous. It's only
for a second and it doesn't stall out. When already running, sometimes the
engine will climb normally with boost up to 3-4,000 rpm then not raise anymore
than that. That's why I don't think it's the trans. If it was the the trans,
the engine would rev to high heaven. Some help would be greatly appreciated. I
know that others had to have had the same problem because I had the same exact
problem with my 5ks.Thanks.
84 5ksT 60k miles

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