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need info on adding gauge cluster to 90

Hey all...

I would like to add the factory voltmeter, oil temperature, and oil pressure
gauge cluster which came on some 90 and CQ models to my 1988 90.  For those
of you who have done this before, I have a few questions:

1)  Wiring harness.  Is the wiring harness in my 90 set up for these gauges
or not?  If not, what is the best route for wiring everything in?

2)  Senders.  Will I have to add senders to drive the gauges or do these
gauges use existing senders; e.g., does the oil pressure gauge use the
sender for the oil pressure idiot light?  If senders have to be added, where
do they go?

3)  Will the gauge package fit into the existing center console in my car or
is the console which supports this package different?

Anything else I might have missed?  TIA!

Chris Lemon