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Re: Soobie Doo - Where Are You?

steve powers wrote:
> been noticing alot of Subaru SVXs about recently. I know that they
> are no longer imported (or made) and also that they had a decent
> amount of turbocharged horsepower.
> remembering the many discussions about Eagles, Stealths, Mitsies,
> ad nauseum, does anyone know the particulars of the SVX? other than
> a somewhat boring exterior, I don't have much of an opinion about
> them one way or the other.
> steve powers
> spowers@spdg.com

The SVX is a flat six non-turbo.  They are really neat cars witha few quirks 
and low resale.... sounds like an Audi!  My father had one and he loved it.  
The car handles well and is very comfortable.  The only negatives where the 
weight and the auto.


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