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Re: '95 A4 Quattro using 1 qt oil/1000mi

On Nov 20, 10:21pm, Seehack@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: '95 A4 Quattro using 1 qt oil/1000mi
> I had mine for 8 months and 12000 miles.  Didn't have to add oil or at least
> when I check, the dip stick says OK.  Changed oil at 7500 miles last.  So far
> so good.
> Good luck.
>-- End of excerpt from Seehack@aol.com

	May or may not be relevant, but there's a TSB from Audi
	addressing oil consumption. Bottom line is: *some* oil
	consumption is to be considered normal. (They appear
	to claim that this is true for all engines).

	In particular, they say that cars driven routinely for
	long distances at highway speeds may experience noticeable
	consumption. Cars driven for short trips without allowing
	the engine to warm up fully may not *appear* to consume
	any oil because "unburned fuel, by-products of combustion,
	condensation, and other contaminants will mix with the
	oil and give the appearance of no oil consumption". In some
	cases, they claim that you can even see a signifcant rise in
	oil level.

	They don't say anything specific about how much oil consumption
	is "normal".

	Most interesting, I thought.


	PS: The TSB is 179402, issued in Aug. 94 and applies to all
	models and years.

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