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Lower Control Arm bushings re: UFO brakes


Assuming we are talking about the front suspension on the
89-91 200TQ's, I think you may be a bit misinformed when it 
comes to replacing the front lower control arm bushings 
on these cars. 

When I originally inquired about your suspension kit for
my 89 200TQ, I mentioned that I was planning on replacing 
the front lower control arm bushings. You indicated that 
the bushings were "bonded" to the lower control arm (LCA)
and that I would have to buy the whole LCA for $150 if 
the bushing was bad.  The ball joint "is" part of the 
control arm and does not look replaceable but the 
inner control arm bushing is most certainly replaceable.
 Been there, replaced that (BTRT)

The Bentley manual outlines the procedure and Halsey Imports
carries the OEM Boge inner bushings for $11 each. (431 407 183A)
The inner bushings have an outer steel sleave that allows them
to be pressed in. The outer control arm bushings that 
connect the  stabilizer bar to the lower control arm are also
available 431 407 181F (you need 4 of these).

I had my local dealer press in the new inner bushings and 
had new wheel bearings pressed into the strut housings at 
the same time. The ball joints on the lower control arm
on my car with 90K miles were still very tight with no play.

Were you referring to the rear supsension control arms
having bonded bushings or a different bushing on the
front end?

I will report out on my STEADIRIC suspension 
upgrade after I get some miles on it and see 
if it gets less stiff and the ride improves.

Scott M.

From: STEADIRIC@aol.com
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 20:30:15 -0500
Subject: Re: UFO Brakes
>>>>>>>Some text deleted>>>>>>>
>Because Paul,

>Those control arm bushings are BONDED to the control arm which is a $125 
>part per side.........
>Eric Fletcher