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Re: Power Plant for Volvo 850 Turbo

  Yes, the Audi 20Valve turbo is indeed residing in the bays of all 
Ovlov 850 turbo's. Proof is that of  both Audi and Volvo dealerships. 
A friends dad works here in Colo. Spgs. at Penkaus Volvo-Mazda and he 
found that Audi did in fact sell ovlovovol the spec's and plans from Audi's 20V 
turbo. Many vlovlo dealerships may decline this fact because they 
probably don't know.  When the 850 turbo owners think that they've 
really got sompin great under the hood well, yes sir they do and 
Audi's got it's name all over it- and since the early '80's when Audi 
had the twincam 5 in the sport Quattros!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Now please 
answer only one question- Why did Audi discontinue the S4/S6? Guess 
we'll just have to wait for S8 or Twin Turbo V6 in the A6 -Fingers 

      Chad Clark