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V8Q O2 Sensor

Finally got around to the O2 Sensor on the V8.  Got a Bosch plug to plug replacement. I 
priced a TOMKEN brand at $49.95 from Rossi Big-Wheel from Tomken.  The Bosch was $205, 
my price $115.  The job looked nasty, but access through the left wheel well and 
removing the cruise control vacuum actuator made it all a lot easier.  Needed the 
special socket, however.  $6 at Western Auto, on sale.  Anyway, the best part is the 
surge is completely gone.  I had heard mixed reactions to the surge issue on the list.  

While I had the engine coverings off I discovered what at least one other lister 
mentioned, that there were two vent hoses completely disintegrated which is probably the 
cause for periodic oil drips onto the exhaust system causing occasional floor marks and 
oil burning smell.  One hose traverses the top of the engine from head to head.  The 
other runs from the right head (when facing the endine from the front) to the block.  
Easy fixes.  Probably also the cause of idle slowly increasing from 500 to 900-1100, 
especially when warm.

If anyone needs Bosch O2 sensor numbers or comparisons of part numbers with other cars I 
have the complete catalog.  It also lists life expectency and shows some common maladies 
and results associated with O2 sensor failure.

Roland Broberg