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Re: fogged windows 5KS

Lino M. Valadas wrote an excellent post on this classical Audi problem:

> Its been a long time since I fixed mine, but here it goes from memory:
> If you got the old spring you can still use it.  If the hook is broken, you
> untwist one of the spring loops and use it for a hook.
....the rest of the post deleted.

I would only add that in all 3 cases the spring itself was intact. Here
is a quote from one of my earlier posts:

> This is a very typical Audi problem (at least I saw and repaired it on 3
> cars already).
> If you remove your glove compartment and do some acrobatic, you'll see a
> vacuum valve that controls the fresh air input/recirculation flap @ the AC
> coil. The valve is twisted in to a plastic bracket which is a part of the
> whole AC housing. The bracket usualy snaps broken, leaving the valve hanging
> in the air. If it's the case, the flap goes into the default (fresh air IN).

In all three instances I was able to fabricate a rather fancy shaped
metal bracket, that snaped into place instead of the piece, broken off
those plastic dual rails. The valve went into the bracket and the flap
started working again.