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RE: Nokia + Audi

just my .02...i've used both boston accoustics and quarts, (two 6.5's, a 4 and a tweet are in each door of my 96 A4q along with a pair of raw 5 1/4's in the rear deck...i feel that the quarts have better midbass than the BA's but the BA's have better midrange...i also feel that anybody can do bass and treble, but only a select few can do midrange...trying to get my car to sound like my B&W matrix 803's is proving to be a bit difficult...

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>I definetely would. Very few speakers can match Boston Acoustics, as
>well as very few amps can match A/D/S.
>I have been running B.A. in my last 3 cars, and A/D/S in one.

Sorry to hear that you think that BA's are good.........  Try MB 
Quart's.... MUCH better


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO