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Re: blue '85 4KSQ, and seats f/s

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> Oceanic Blue '85 4KSQ

The first Quattro I ever drove was one.  My friend and supervisor (former
owner of Genesis Physics) leased a car just as described ($225.00 a month...
) way back then.  It was a special order color.  Where is that car now?

BTW the seats I got last year for my coupe are a fairly worn set in gray
leather from an 85 coupe but it wasn't blue.  Will be going to a proper set
of 2-door seats (soon?) with fold forward option for passenger convenience. 
 They will then be for sale, with their seat heater harness complete but
their heaters both needing repair.  Both outside bolsters a bit beat.  All
four pieces.  In the north east (New Hampshire.  Takers?
Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers
7 Kelsey Road
Lee NH 03824