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Re: update: Audi=junk

At 06:00 AM 11/26/96 -0700, Brendan Rudack wrote:
>I was looking through the Bentley last night and stumbled upon the only
>page about the center drive shaft.  It says something like: for noise and
>vibration complaints check the drive shaft alignment. If adjustment
>doesn't eliminate the problem, replace entire drive shaft.  Has anyone
>experienced a center drive shaft that went bad?  BTW, on the highway in
>neutral the whirring(nothing like a wheel bearing) does not go away. I
>also looked closer and can't see the exhaust touching any moving parts.
>Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
>'88 90Q
>Fenton, Michigan USA

Look right above the right, rear axle, where the exhaust snakes over the top
- I'll bet you can feel (maybe not see) where it is rubbing.

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