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V8 autotran problems

     Hello out there.  I just got back from a long vacation driving 10018 
     miles in my 1990 V8 Quattro, visiting people and places.  The V8 sure 
     is a nice car, except for its lousy automatic transmission.  I 
     experienced the following two problems and wonder if anyone has an 
     idea of what the problem(s) is(are).
     On about 4 or 5 occasions, I noticed from the tach that I was staying 
     in 3rd gear.  Moving the gearshift between the "D" and "3" positions 
     caused the car to shift from 3rd ... back into 3rd.  The only way to 
     get it into 4th was to shift into 2nd (making sure I was doing less 
     than 80), at which point moving the shift lever to "D" allowed it to 
     shift past 3rd and into 4th.
     Problem number two is more serious.  On one occasion, I attempted to 
     pull out in front of an oncoming car and tromped hard on the gas.  The 
     car abruptly shifted into 4th and accellerated (if you could call it 
     that) very, very, very, ..., very slowly.  Fortunately, it was a four 
     lane road, and the car I cut off switched lanes.  The dashboard 
     gearshift indicator lights were all on, as if the car thought it was 
     simultaneously in P, R, N, D, 3, 2, 1.  Shutting off the ignition and 
     restarting the car restored it to normal function.  It did this a 2nd 
     time this morning, this time on only moderately aggressive 
     acceleration.  Moving the gearshift lever or mode switch does nothing. 
     Only shutting off the ignition and restarting restores the 
     transmission to normal function.  The first time the function switch 
     was in sport mode, today it was in economy mode, so it's not function 
     switch related.  Both times the gearshift lever was in Drive.
     Any clues as to what the problems are?  Are they related?  How much is 
     a 5-speed conversion?  The car was otherwise 100% problem-free on the 
     trip (as well as before and since) and is a joy.
     Jack Rich