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Re: Shifting gears, well sort of.........

scott.john.mockry@bangate1.tek.com wrote:
> Just to add a little to the discussion about shifting gears.....actually
> it should be called "engaging" gears.
> For many years the  synchronized transmissions used in passenger cars
> have forward gears that are constantly meshed together which means
> that the gear position is never "shifted" or moved. For many years
> problems with changing gears and the  idea of "grinding
> gears" during a shift gives the impression that the gears are grinding
> together when they try and mesh with each other
> and come together during a "shift".  The only gear that is
> sometimes shifted or moved is reverse gear. This can cause
> actual gear "grinding" when shifting into reverse. This grinding is usually
> caused by the clutch disc not disengaging completely during a reverse
> gear shift.

<the main body of the post deleted>

The reverse grinds because it is the only one non-sincronized gear
(unless you are fortunate to own a 
164 quadrafoglio, my unmaterialized dream). And it grinds only if the
car is still in motion.

Great post on gearboxes, Scott.