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Re: Flashing overheat light on 4kq

Mark writes....

I've recently noticed that when accelerating hard around corners (well, at least
as hard as one can accelerate with a 115 hp 4kq), the temperature overheat light
on the dash flashes briefly, then stops as soon as I'm out of the corner.
Coolant level is fine and temp is in the normal range.  

Bentley doesn't have much to say about this warning light except for a test
procedure that results in 'replace faulty temp sender'.  I figure if the temp
sender was bad, I'd see signs of it elsewhere.  Bentley also is vague about the
relationship between the temp _guage_ and the overheat warning light.  Anybody
experience this same symptom, and is it a problem or a feature?


Your coolant level is just a tad low in the reservoir.  My 4kq does
the same thing in the corners when you really get that fluid sloshing
in the reservoir.  Just top it up a bit.

John Mallick
'91 200q
'84 4000sq