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Re: Tire chains on AWD - a no-no?

I just moved from Colorado to Mass.  I lived in the foothills west of
Denver and had a weekend house in Grand Lake.  I ran Goodyear Eagle
Aquatreds most of the time from when I bought my V8 (Feb '93).  I NEVER
felt the need for chains, even going over some passes in white-out
conditions.  I probably would have had better traction with studs but I
hate the noise on dry pavement which was the most prevalent condition on
the streets of Denver.  If I worked in the mountains like Vail or Aspen
and didn't come to Denver often, I would have used studs.  They work
GREAT on a 4wd car.  When I bought my wife her '90 90Q20V the tires were
worn but had studs.  I had my first set of whatever-they-were and she
could zoom up our unplowed inclined driveway after an 18 inch snow, but
I couldn't!  Maddening!  New tires (the Eagle Aquatreds) solved that.

Tim Gortner
Marshfield, MA