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Re: Headlight protection

> From: steve powers <spowers@spdg.COM>
> Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:16:03 -0700
> Subject: Re: Headlight protection
> Chad sez:
> >
> <snippage>
> > been through plenty of high pressure car washes. The only thing that
> > one has to cut out besides the trimming of size is also to cut out
> > around each nipple that the Hella's have from the factory. There are
> can I suggest an alternative way to cut out? if you do it with scissors
> or a knife, it looks, <ahem> hand-crafted...
> use an old-fashioned handheld paper punch... I also have an even
> older-fashioned leather punch w/ various size holes...
> position the film w/o removing the backing (important) and mark the
> areas where the nipples want to protrude (no, this isn't the manual
> for Frederick's Peek-A-Boo Bra) and punch
> simple, clean and elegant... (from someone who used a fresh Xacto(tm)
> blade to cut the film for his nipple-free, $1600 per side, S6
> headlights.
> the other solution is to buy non-DOT headlights, e.g. H4 Euro lights...
> just say no to nipples! (on your headlights)
> I think I'll go back and hide now... (Happy Thanksgiving folks!!!)
> steve powers                                        95.5 S6 Wagon
> spowers@spdg.com                                    100% nipple-free

Steve, the other option is to use a piece of cardboard for a template,
gettting the positioning exact. then simply tracing, flip and trace

Erie (who actually works with vinyl lettering in his real job) Patsellis