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Re: pull

James wrote:

> Hey guys, I am having a little problem with my steering on my 5ktq and I
> want to know what you all think.  I had the alignment (4 wheel) and a
> balancing done less than a month ago, but when I got it back, it still
> all the road noise and it still pulled a little.  I found that there was
> bad wheel bearing, so I replaced it.  Now, no noise, but still pulling. 
> also get a little vibration in the wheel when I am actively turning the
> wheel, not when it is in any given position, but while it is moving. 
> do you think?  Thanks.

If you replaced your front wheel bearing, then most likely you need another
As for the vibration, it could be: bad balancing, bent wheel, oval tire or
flat spot on a tire.  The balancing equipment should show the prob.