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Re: Number plates

I have seen a Volvo 850 with real Swedish plates on front and rear here in 
Seattle about 3 weeks ago. I wonder if it is from a European delivery program. 
There was some kind of paper glued on the rear window but I couldn't tell 
if it was a temporary registration. I've also seen an MB E-class with real 
German plates on front and rear in front of Swedish Hospital up here on 
First Hill in Seattle.

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.

On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Michael Shields wrote:

> A few weeks ago I saw a 300SL with a black-on-yellow euro-type plate
> (not the US-style diplomatic plate) on 66 east, and have wondered how
> it came to be there.
> -- 
> Shields.