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Tale of woe...

Today, my mother's '87 5kw decided it was time to make life difficult for me
after six years of relatively trouble-free driving.  Having tracked down the
source of the vacuum leak that caused it to fail emissions (injector inserts
and rubber O-rings), I ordered up the parts and set aside this morning to do
the job at my storage room/workshop.  After all, the last time I did this on
my late '87 5k, it took me all of 90 minutes from start-to-finish, including
replacing the air filter and plugs...

'Twas not to be, I'm afraid: While I eventually managed to get all 5 inserts
out of the head, three of them broke off from the brass insert and had to be
fished out using a dental pick, pliers and a hook made from bailng wire; two
of these broke into small pieces, some of which fell into the cylinder head.
I tried to vacuum and/or blow the pieces out but wasn't succesful ... I hope
the plastic is soft enough that it won't damage to the cylinders as it works
its way out the exhaust system.  Also, the tip piece of one of the injectors
came off while while I was removing it and presumably fell into the cylinder
as well ... once again, I tried to vacuum and/or blow it out but was equally
unsuccessful.  Since it appears to be made of fairly flimsy metal, I think I
will leave it there and cross my fingers that it, too, works its way out the
exhaust system without inflicting any damage.  Lastly, I had to pick out the
rubber O-rings between the insert and the head with a dental pick and mirror
because they were varnished in place and didn't come out with the inserts...
I will skip the part about how I had to walk six miles home plus the 36-mile
roundtrip to my parts car only to find it sitting in the middle of a 6" deep
puddle from all the rain we had this week.  Whoever said working on cars was
fun, anyway?  Arrggghhhh!   :^(

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