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Re: Ordering a 1.8TQ Update Part III

When I look more closely at the invoice price numbers for a 2.8 similarly
equipped to how I ordered my 1.8t the difference about $3000.  (this
doesn't include interest charges if you have to finance more to get a 2.8) 

Audi A4  1.8t manual        2.8 manual
              quattro       quattro
              all weather   all weather
              sports pkg.   sport steering wheel
              sunroof       sunroof
              $500 dest.    $500 dest.
invoice total $25,260       $27,931              

If you begin to include 5% dealer markup, and say 6% tax, the difference
shoots to about $3,000.   

So what's the $3000 difference? besides the obvious different engines in
these two
cars:  manual driver's seat instead of power, no real wood trim, no center
armrest, and black instead of chrome trim around the windows.  

They charge more for all weather on the 1.8t but the quattro and sunroof
are the same price if it's a 2.8 or 1.8.  Prices from http://www.kbb.com.  

Ricardo David
'87 5ks 5-speed
'97 Audi 1.8TQ  On it's way!!!!