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Re: Not So Ur q Questions

In a message dated 96-12-01 15:38:06 EST, Huw writes:

>Hi Steve I have two questions if you have time:
>>wiring updated - no more under dash fuse panel! 
>Where are you putting it?  In the under hood plenum?  Are you boosting wire

The fuse box and wiring is the being changed to the later 4k style with the
fuse box under the hood.  This is obviously going to require some cutting,
but is fairly straight forward and well worth the effort IMO.  The wiring in
the car now is truly scary.   One added benefit is that the 3B engine harness
will be an almost plug-in installation.  The wiring from the battery and
alternator will be larger, as well as the head lights and a few other

>>Switch installed for toggling between coolant and oil temp in guage cluster
>Where do you pull the signal for coolant temp that is compatible with the
>oil temp gauge?

I'm using two compatible non factory VDO senders.  I am doing it now with the
oil and coolant temp using the late 4kq LED temp. display in the diff. lock
panel.  This panel will go away and be replaced by the three guage setup from
a non q 4k when the other stuff goes in.

Steve Eiche