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RE: High Performance Seat Heaters

From: 	Fringe Ryder
Sent: 	December 1, 1996 8:10 PM
To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net; Colin Barfoot
Subject: 	High Performance Seat Heaters

All of my female companions get cold easier than I do, so I have the seat
heater on for all of them.  Even if it's super-cold, I don't put mine above
2 - I don't like a hot butt.  However, they will happily steam away on 6 all
evening... just like a furr-laden kitty in a sunbeam on a radiator.
Its true, my wife often likes to keep it up one more knotch or so than 
Perhaps you have differently-wired internal circuitry?
The guys in the carpool will ask to have it turned down from 2 to 1 after 
about 10 minutes... so it may be related to the differences between physiques 
or the sexes, human physiology etc (carpool guys all slim like myself)